How to Avoid Getting Scammed by an Escort Agency in Dubai

There are many scams that one can experience in Dubai with the escort agencies.Some of these scams include having a different escort coming other than the one you actually booked for in the first place.This can be as a result of having misleading photos in the agency website.Other common scams include being charged more than what you actually agreed with the agency or being robbed of your valuables by the escort.The feeling can be very frustrating,isn’t it?To avoid these kinds of scams you need to put several things into consideration.
Some of the ways to avoid being scammed by an escort agency include:


To avoid common scams by an escort agency in Dubai, ensure you only deal with a reputable escort agency.Do not be in a hurry to settle on an escort agency.Do a proper research on their websites.Reputable escort agencies have very detailed websites.The website have all the information you need.The information include proper photos,services offered,the modes of payment among other necessary details that you need to know.The agencies that are likely to scam you a have websites which give sketchy or incomplete information.

If possible you also need to get people who have obtained services from the various escort agencies available.Only opt for one that gets very positive comments from those who have used them.Do not even have a second thought for an escort agency that has ever scammed any of those you have made an inquiry from. Here is a glimpse at some of the agencies in Dubai.


There are definitely escort agencies that will allow you to return an escort you are not impressed with or in a case where the one you booked is not the one that showed up.This will protect you from this kind of scam.Remember only reputable escort agencies in Dubai will operate with this policy.


This is to ensure you are not overcharged or being charged for services you did not ask for.This also protects you from having a different escort from whoever you ordered for.It ensures that you only only pay once exactly what is ordered is delivered.It is important for the agency to keep its side of the bargain.


When meeting the escort,ensure you do not have large sums of money that you do not need,very expensive jewels or even precious minerals such as diamond or gold.This is to protect yourself from the heavy losses in case of an unfortunate event of being robbed by an escort.
It is also important to be sober.Being overly drunk makes the process of being stolen from very easy.

How to Find the Perfect Escort in Dubai

Dubai is known to have very beautiful women who are ready to act as escorts for leisure, as a business or professional basis. The demand for escorts has been on the rise in Dubai. Hence, many girls both minor and above age have been attracted to the act as it proves to be very lucrative, rewarding, and prestigious. The rise of many escorts in the market has brought in a challenge of getting perfect escorts with good behaviour and professionalism in their work. However, for this reason, the best ways to get a perfect in Escort Dubai currently are as follows:

1. Through Contact person in Dubai

An individual can land a perfect Escort in Dubai through a contact person in the place who is well conversant with the area, and even have personal knowledge or relationship with the escorts. This helps in saving the search and wait time to get a perfect one. Whoever is in need of the Escort should give a detailed description of specific features of an escort they need so that the contact person choose from the best options available, and guarantee quality services.

2. Referrals

The best way to get a product or service is to get the story from those that have had the experience. The same way to get a perfect escort an individual should contact person who has had one before so that they can direct them to specific locations in Dubai where they can also get perfect ones. This way one has some assurance of getting trusted and quality Escorts. The referer should know the escorts well to trace them in case of anything.

3. Escort Agencies and Clubs

The market is flooded with the escorts hence some people have formed agencies where they do recruit, vetting, and training of the Escorts. This option guarantees one a perfect Escort, however, they are very highly priced. The high price is worth as the quality they give equally high. Individual’s security is also cared for as one can trace them back to the agencies in case of anything happening.

4. Websites and other online platforms

Escorts in present days advertise their services in Dubai. They have websites where they post pictures and video of them so that one can get to choose. There are also those that have their services advertised on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. These two are also a better way to find a perfect Escort in Dubai. However, there are high risks with such incase anything happens to the person that hires.